I am guest lecturing Dr. Rachel Chung‘s Database Management class in The Business and Entrepreneurship Department at Chatham University.

I will teach undergraduate students about the basics of the PHP and MySQL in this 75 minutes lecture. They will learn about:

  • How to setup a PHP MySQL development environment on their computer.
  • How to create database using PHPMyAdmin.
  • How to create tables using PHPMyAdmin.
  • How to add records using PHPMyAdmin.
  • How to create a simple PHP page to show records.
  • How to modify the page so it shows certain records using GET and POST methods.
  • How to create a simple form to add records to database.
  • How to update those records.

This will help students to understand the basics of dynamic web development so they can gain further understanding in creating customized web based solutions for customers. Basics knowledge of database modeling and design is useful but not required for this class.

I have added PowerPoint slides below so you can learn some basics too!

Database Management Class

Some of the websites that are used in this course:

This website is useful to teach the basics of PHP MySQL without installing any development environment on your computer.

This website teaches the basics of a CRUD application in PHP MySQL (but it has some errors).

Source codes for Phone Book Application (this version works with PHP 5 and MySQL 5 versions): addressbook

Source codes for SQL Injection Example: sqlinjection

Powerpoint slides for the class: Chatham Presentation – Database Management – PHP MySQL

If you have any questions please write in the comment section below.

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