Augmented Reality Based Warehouse Design

People become educated and trained multiple ways with regards to specific information and skills they need. Classroom lectures with textbooks, computers, handheld devices, and other electronic appliances are some of the methods. Various technologies and infrastructure around people determine the choice of learning innovation. In order to maintain efficiency in both education and industry in a fast changing society with technological advances, it is important to adopt and apply information at the right time and right place. Augmented Reality (AR) is one technology that dramatically shifts the timing and location of training and education.

We propose to use a web based augmented reality system using experimental mobile browsers to teach warehousing and order picking for students in STEM, especially in Industrial Engineering, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing Systems classes. We already have a prototype ready for testing that we are developing as a part of our funding under Penn State Strategic Initiative. Our system is highly scalable and easily adoptable in many educational settings since it only needs an Android or an iOS device.

Fishbone Layout

Leaf Layout

Traditional Two Block Layout

Update 4/18/2020: My student created an instructional video of the system. You can see the new features of the system such as item collection as well as assignment submission. The video also shows how to use this Augmented Reality Based Warehouse Tool on Android and iOS devices.