Today my first group of students have presented their project as well as my dear colleague Dr. Oren Gur made his research talk.

The project is about developing a database and a web based user interface for researchers and officers in Montgomery county, PA so that we can have a single central location for accidental drug overdose deaths.

This information system will be useful for investigating the previous 15 years of data and predict the future drug overdose issues which is an increasing issue in overall United States.

Dr. Oren Gur talking about his research in Lares Building

He and I had been started to work on this project just a few weeks ago and we already got our first grant (Chancellor’s grant).

We already have our first working system implemented and ready to start working thanks to ReliQuery team.

This research will investigate many issues with drug overdose in Montgomery county, PA. If this plot project becomes successful we believe, we can extend it to other parts of PA and then to other states.

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